PG 202: The Palmer Collection: Arlington Structures and Places, 1996-2006

Collection Number
PG 202
Scope and Content
PG 202 contains images taken in a general survey of Arlington County schools, churches, firehouse, cemeteries, parks, shopping centers and businesses, starting in the spring of 1996 through early 1997 by the Arlington Historical Society, specifically by photographer Jim Palmer. The purpose of this collection was to fill in gaps in the Arlington Historical Society collection, including areas or structures affected by or likely to be eliminated by redevelopment. The original 247 images have been supplemented by 199 additional images taken by Jim Palmer between 2003 and 2006. The photographs dated between 2003 and 2006 were works for hire for the Center for Local History, Arlington County Public Library. Some of the photos include comments by Jim Palmer about the subject's past history or current status at the time the photo was taken.

These photographs cover Arlington churches, schools, libraries, fire stations, and many notable Arlington shopping centers, office buildings, and other businesses, include Bob Peck Chevrolet, Ayers Hardware, and Weenie Beenie. All the photographs are of building exteriors except for the set of images from Signature Theater’s location on Four Mile Run Drive. For this location, there are several photographs of the inside of the theater, including backstage.
Arrangement and Description
The collection consists of numbered prints, with most negatives available for the prints from the 1990s. There are some contact sheets for the 1990s images as well. Although the Palmer Collection was considered part of the Arlington Historical Society Photo Collection, the Palmer Collection was housed separately, and has had its' own record group and finding aid.

Numbers were given to the images chronologically, and have been filed in binders by number. However, this finding aid groups the images by subject: Buildings, Businesses, Churches, Cemeteries, County and Government facilities, Fire Houses, Housing, Libraries, Miscellaneous, Parks, Schools, and Streetscapes.
The images from 1996-1997 were donated to the Arlington Historical Society by Jim and Joanne Palmer in 1997. The Arlington Historical Society donated this collection to the Center for Local History on May 12, 2005. During this time Jim Palmer held dual positions as the Archivist for the Arlington Historical Society and as the Archives Assistant for the Arlington Community Archives, Center for Local History, Arlington Public Library. As a library employee, Jim continued to take photos of the same subjects between 2003 and 2006 and these photos were added to the Palmer Collection.
There are no research restrictions on this photograph group. Use of the pictures must include appropriate credits.


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