RG 380: Potter Interstate 66 Materials, 1958-1998

Collection Number
RG 380
Scope and Content
RG 380 contains material created and collected by Laurence Potter. Potter (1916-1998) lived at 1904 N. Johnson Street. The collection measures .21 linear feet and covers the years 1958-1998; materials in this collection are scattered throughout this time period. Potter, worried that his home was in the path of the future Interstate 66 (I-66), started sending letters to staff within Arlington County and to the Virginia Department of Highways (VDH), expressing concern for his home and dissatisfaction with the way the VDH was handling the development of the project.

There are also research materials Potter collected over time, including 78 photographs (color and black and white) of I-66 construction around his home, I-66 planning and right-of-way documentation, newspaper articles, and an analysis of a television show about highway construction.
Arrangement and Description
RG 380 has only one series with ten files. Files were created by type of document or subject matter.
Bob Connelly donated this collection in August of 2001. He was a neighbor of Mr. Potter.
There are no restrictions on RG 380.
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