Eastman - Fenwick Family Papers, 1860-1980

Edward G. Fenwick Letter, 26 July 1917


Sunday night.
Dearest momsey,
I got the box alright and it is a peach. (That is what is left of it.) Dick McEwan’s dad telegraphed Saturday night for him to come home to talk over the war situation and decide what he is

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(darned if I haven’t written this thing backwards) going to do. He is away now and don’t know whether he is coming back or not.
His dad’s mills have been overlooked by a Government inspector and can be changed into powder mills in a few days.

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this is a big week down here. There is a dance every night but our courses have been shortened and made necessarily harder. I don’t feel that I can take the week off under the circumstances. We start drilling Monday. The Government

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sends down rifles and ammunition for the whole corps. We don’t get our uniforms until next fall. Most of the men are going to Plattsburg this summer. The university closes ten days earlier so all the men can go. The camp opens June 2 and extends until Sept 10. (U. of Va closes May 31.)

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If we attend Plattsburg we get credit for twelve hours work toward your degree. 60 hrs are required to get a degree. The three months there is equivalent to two years training here at the University. In September we will get our commissions as second leutenants [sic] in the Officers Reserve Corps.
At Plattsburg the Gov.

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furnishes everything. Last year it cost the men about eighty dollars a month. This year it does not cost anything except what you personally wish to spend.
I am feeling fine and am alright except for a rubbed heel. The new shoes I bought did it. Am studying hard this

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term and am getting my work thoroughly as I go along. It makes it so much easier and better on exam. Besides it is hot as blazes around the first of
June and I don’t believe a man can do his best work then.
Our Spanish Prof.

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thinks there is a chance of Germanies starting trouble thru Mexico so he has changed our course from reading to conversational Spanish. Like it much better. Dont forget about my fraternity pin. We are going to initiate Charlie this week. Love to the whole bunch.
From your ole,

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