Eastman - Fenwick Family Papers, 1860-1980

Edward G. Fenwick Letter, 13 September 1917


[Stationery logo reads: American Y.M.C.A. On Active Service WITH THE AMERICAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE]

Thursday Sept. 13, 1917

Dearest momsie,

I received your letter of the 25th and was quite surprised to hear about Trix. Congratulate her for me. I was mighty glad to hear that Mr. Newell received his commission as Major. Our sargent was commissioned on Aug. 15 as 1st Lieutenant in our branch. What happened to Howard Beasley. Our ambulances are little beauties. They stick to the road like little toads. Tell Charlie I sure do envy him the new billard table and car.

Love to all and to you momsey,

Edward G. Fenwick

[The following signed by John H. Berock, not Edward G. Fenwick.]

John H Berock
1st Lieut.
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