Eastman - Fenwick Family Papers, 1860-1980

Edward G. Fenwick Letter, 16 November 1917


Nov. 16, 1917
Dear old Charlie, Guess you say it is about time I was dropping you a line but you know I haven’t ruined my eyes reading your lengthy letters.
Sure do miss you Charlie old boy but there is no chance of your getting with me. I have seen some of the swellest air battles ever. I saw 11 bosh planes yesterday in formation. I bet it will be great up here in the mountains a little later on when snow is everywhere. The people
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Up here speak French, German and the darndest mixture you ever heard. Wish you, Beans, and Birge would send me some [P.d.] or Edgeworth and a about a pound of Boot Jack or “Piper Heidsieck.
Lord but I do want to go hunting. There are plenty of birds, rabbits and mountain goats here but we are on duty all the time. We are attached to France’s most famous division. More than that I cannot tell you. I have a wonderful little ambulance. She just purrs up these mountains.
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I expect if the war lasts until I am 21 I will have gotten my fill of this work and well try and get a transfer to an Officer’s Reserve Camp.
When I get home I will sure feel at home in a Ford. Bet the country is lousy with birds this year. Give Trix my best and tell her for the love of Pete to stop sucking eggs.
Pretty fair looking girls up here [I’d] say. The morality here as everywhere in France is terrable [sic]. I am sure glad none of my sisters were born French. Write me once in a while old fellow and take
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good care of my Smith. You all might slip in some cigars with the other tobacco.
Tell, “beans,” I guess he has frightened all the deers to death this fall as usual. Say Hi to V. Fellows next time you go to see her. Hope your Ford has come by now.
Mighty glad to hear about your school activities this year. Wish you all the luck in the world. Give my best to everyone. Hope this war will be over before long so I will be with you all again.
Always your [friend],
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