Eastman - Fenwick Family Papers, 1860-1980

Edward G. Fenwick Letter, 23 November 1917


Nov. 23, 1917,
Dearest momsie I am just tip top thanks. Had the pleasure of hearing my first Bosh shell pass over head Wednesday. I was at a Poste de Secours about a mile back from the front line trench. Only two came over and they were little fellows but still they were the first for me.
It is really remarkable the way the French soldiers can judge shells. As soon as the Bosh gun boomed about a dozen of them cried Attention! It did not seem more than an instant that they listened and then resumed their play. The shell came over head and landed about 150 yards from us. The same thing happened on
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Hearing the second except that it landed in back of us.
I woke up last night and heard the Bosh machine guns going at a great rate. Guess the French were trying to pull off a trench raid. I have been within 200 hundred yards of the Bosh trenches. You can’t help but feel kind of funny that close.
Am still keeping the cake and other eats for the 29th. Hope you all are well. It has been almost like spring up here for two days. It is getting colder now. My gloves and coat sure will feel good when they get here. Hope to hear from you soon. Give my best to all the family. Love to you momsie dearest from your own buzzy.
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