Eastman - Fenwick Family Papers, 1860-1980

Edward G. Fenwick Letter, 24-25 November 1917


Nov 24 & 25, 1917
Dearest Louise,
Guess you think by now that I have forgotten you entirely but no chance. I write my letters in snatches. We just got payed this morning (Sunday) so naturally everyone feels fine. I am still firm in reguard to the fruit cake but expect to make mortal enemies by not inviting the whole section.
I started this letter to you yesterday afternoon but only got as far as the first five lines before I got a call. That was at about 1:30. I did not get back from it until six thirty. It gets dark by four o clock up here so I had a nice drive for two hours and
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a half in the dark. On days when I am driving all day you can bet that I am pretty tired at night.
If I get knocked off over here it will most probably be that I was admiring some beautiful valley or mountain and took my eyes off of the road. To see the sun Rise on the Alps is worth the whole trip from American. I only wish some of you all could be with me.
Don’t forget to send me eats from time to time. Things like that sure do go good. I have sure seen and learned some interesting things since I have been up here. Wish I could tell you some of the most interesting but [nix]. Give my love to momsey and the rest.
Lovingly your brud,
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