Eastman - Fenwick Family Papers, 1860-1980

Edward G. Fenwick Letter, 28 November 1917


November 28, 1917
Dearest momsie, Just had two letters from you and one from dad. Dad’s letter was dated Oct 9th and yours Oct 12th and 14th. I am glad old lady Cole is fixed. I know dad has the stuff in him and am confident that he will pull three alright. Had a letter from Uncle Charlie and answered it, “toute de suite.” (immediately). [indecipherable] McEwan is going to “The school of Four Seasons.” They travel it seems all the time. In autumn they are in New Jersey, in winter the South, in Spring in N.Y. city and in summer Japan and Honolulu. Some high flyer eh? She still seems to be rather interested in me. Deliver me if she turns out to be a butterfly.
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I don’t need a sweater momsie dearest but I would like three more pair of socks. I have three now. I intend to write [indecipherable] Cousin Adriana. Have already written twice to Cousin Dora. I have kept up my correspondence as well as passable. Think I will be able to hold Charlie alright when I get home as I haven’t been cranking a car for three months for nothing. I have worked off most of my extra fat. I bought you all a few Christmas remembrances yesterday. Also bought some woolen wraps for my legs this winter and a pair of temporary driving gloves until my others arrive. Don’t forget my fur gloves and woolen coat. Love to all. Just your own buzzy
P.S. our Sect. 20 has been changed [517]. EGF
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