Records of the Organized Women Voters

Proposal to amend constitution of the Organized Women Voters


Handwritten proposed amendment to the constitution for the Organized Women Voters for Section II, Article IV. The amendment deals with chairman of "magisterial district" in Arlington. Written by Neta H. Br[addres] and presented on October 19, 1927.

17-2-3-4 Transcription: 

Sec[tion] II, Art[icle] IV
Resolution to strike out Sec 2 of Article 4 and substitute therefore the following:
“For each magisterial district of the County, a chairman shall be elected by the members from her district, who shall attend to the affairs of that district for the year of her election. In the event of her inability to serve, the Sec[retary] of this organization shall be notified who shall then proceed to call a meeting of that district for the purpose of electing her successor, who shall then serve until the regular election.
-Presented by Neta H. Br[address], Oct. 19/27
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